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Working with a CAD/CAM Provider

A model approach to developing a good relationship

By Rachel V. Katz


Find a Suitable Partner

If you’re just starting out, take the following steps to find a vendor who can fulfill your needs:

Determine your CAD/CAM needs. Do you need someone who can take your drawing from concept to completion—creating the CAD file, building the model, and casting the piece? Or do you create the CAD designs yourself and need only model building services? Figure out exactly what you need and make sure the service bureau you are considering can cover all the bases.

Research potential vendors. The best place to start to learn about a company’s experience is on its Web site, which should clearly inform you of the processes and equipment it uses. Many CAD/CAM firms handle a variety of industries, from aerospace to dentistry, so check to make sure they have jewelry experience, preferably with a bench jeweler on staff. A service bureau without jewelry industry experience may ...