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MJSA Design Challenge: Entry #7 »

  • Entry seven in this year’s MJSA Design Challenge: Responsibly Sourced Designs comes to us from NYC-based designer Nashira Arnó. To read more about her timeless and versatile charm bracelet design, click here. Sponsored by Columbia Gem House.

MJSA Journal: How to Love Your Jewelry Castings »

13 ways jewelers can work with their casters from sharing information to keeping it clean to standing, for a moment, in their shoes. Read the Article.

MJSA Podcast: What Jewelry Makers Need to Know About Casting »

Scott Bradford (Rio Grande Tech Team) shares his advice on how jewelry makers and designers can achieve better cast items, especially when working with a contractor. Watch/Listen Here.

Promotions from MJSA Members

MJSA Member Showcase


August 8, 2022

SuperCAST X is a high-resolution 3-D printing resin for direct casting in gypsum investments. Competitively priced, the resin is designed to print beautifully smooth and detailed models that burn-out cleanly for high-quality castings in gold, silver, and base metals. Available from MJSA member Asiga •

Sterling Silver Pearl Shell Necklace

August 8, 2022

Featuring a white freshwater button pearl nestled inside a clamshell pendant, this sterling necklace is the perfect accessory for daily wearing. It’s also perfect for a bridal party or a birthday gift, especially for June birthdays. The necklace measures 18 inches long and the button pearl has a very good luster. Available from MJSA member AZ Findings