Tool Up

Jewelers share their advice for finding and buying new tools.

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Tool Up

Jewelers share advice for finding and buying new tools.

By Shawna Kulpa

Sales & Marketing

Another Tool in the Sales Chest

Successfully selling through social media.

By Andrea Hill

Business Trends

Industry Snapshot

The post-pandemic recovery has exceeded most expectations.

By Harold Dupuy

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Creative Design

Going Organic

A step-by-step guide to drawing pearls.

By Rémy Rotenier

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Design Inspiration

His Majesty

Seth Carlson’s ibex brooch.

By Tina Snyder

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Business Strategies

Claim Check

The FTC codifies “Made in USA” guidance into a rule.

By Sara Yood, Esq.

At the Bench

Dutiful Dowels

Handy shop helpers to save time and trouble.

By Helen I. Driggs

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