Embracing Flaws

Designers taking a crack at the Japanese art of kintsugi.

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Metal Techniques

Embracing Flaws

A look at how designers Christopher Taylor Timberlake and Kenetha Stanton are adapting the art of kintsugi into their designs.

By Shawna Kulpa


Wear & Tear

An in-depth study of the wear resistance of platinum and gold alloys.

By Teresa Fryé, Ulrich E. Klotz, & Tiziana Heiss

Gem Trends

A Pearl Period

From bridal to men’s jewelry, pearls are having a moment.

By Deborah A. Yonick

Creative Design

Defining Moments

The story behind Andrew Seginovich’s painstakingly crafted Milestones ring.

By Tina Snyder

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Tipping the Scale

Tips for taking the guesswork out of real-world 3-D model dimensions.

By Darla Alvarez

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Business Strategies

Change Your Mind

How to develop an adaptive mindset to improve your leadership skills.

By Andrea Hill

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At the Bench

A Well-Dressed Mop

How to revive a compound-caked polishing wheel by creating a DIY rake.

By Helen I. Driggs

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At the Bench

Bench Envy

Exploring Tom Okner’s spacious jewelry operating room.

By Tom Okner, M.D.

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