Tooth Fairies

Three designers share the stories behind their creations for the annual MJSA Mystery Box Challenge.

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Mystery Box Challenge

Tooth Fairies

Designers Thomas Dailing, Keiko Mita, and Shana Kroiz, share the stories behind their creations for this year’s MJSA Mystery Box Challenge.

By Shawna Kulpa

Protecting Your Work

Stop, Thief!

A look at how jewelers can prevent intellectual property theft.

By Sara E. Yood, Esq.

Business Trends

Industry Snapshot

The latest industry statistics point to positive signs of economic health.

By Harold Dupuy, FGA

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Creative Design

Stitched Up

Exploring designer Suzanne Schwartz’s decoratively stitched Squares All Around necklace.

By Tina Snyder

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Business Strategies

Cut It Loose

Discover how subtraction can sometimes be the best thing for your business.

By Andrea Hill

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At the Bench

On the Fly

How to create an inpromptu jump-ring jig.

By Helen I. Driggs

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Sales & Marketing

Stop Waiting for the Phone to Ring

Prospecting has shifted from a seller-driven activity to a customer-driven activity. Make sure you’re prepared with the right tools.

By Andrea Hill

Organizational Tips

A Little Place for Your Stuff

Jewelers share their favorite ways to organize their tools and supplies.

By Shawna Kulpa

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