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MJSA Expo is the hub for jewelry manufacturers, designers, and trade suppliers.

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What Will You Find at MJSA Expo?

The Latest in Jewelry-Making Tools, Technologies, and Supplies. Not only can you find the latest and greatest jewelry-making products at Expo, but you can touch, test, and inspect them. Where else can you feel the heft of a new bench tool, loupe a CAD model, create pinpoint welds with a laser, or gauge the strength of a finding or chain—all on the same day?

Subcontractors Who Can Lend an Expert Hand.  Maybe you’ve experienced skyrocketing demand, require a certain expertise to launch a new product, or just want to lighten your load. Whatever the reason, you’ll find the help you need— from CAD/CAM and casting to plating and assembly and everything in between.

Gemstones a Cut Above. From myriad colored stones and pearls to diamonds (both natural and lab-grown) of every cut and carat, you’ll be able to sort through gems offered by some of the finest suppliers in the world.

Expertise Everywhere. Aisle after aisle, you’ll find exhibitors have accumulated many decades of expertise—and all are eager to share what they know. You can also check in on our live seminars and demonstrations.

Community Connections. One of the greatest values that Expo offers is the ability to connect with colleagues and customers, as well as to build new relationships. As one attendee said, “MJSA Expo is filled with people like me—people who love to make jewelry!” MJSA Expo enables them to gather, share ideas, and create a community unlike any other

Exhibit at MJSA Expo

If you'd like to exhibit at the next MJSA Expo, contact Sales Director Lucy Ferreira at 1-800-444-MJSA (6572), ext. 3020, Exhibiting at a trade show provides your company with visibility and credibility, allows you to establish and build a presence in your target market, and drives sales, new leads, and brand recognition.

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