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Your Access to Expertise

MJSA’s community includes renowned experts in everything from alloying metals to crafting a marketing plan that really moves product. They know how to create and sell beautiful jewelry—and, even more important, they’re willing to share that information through our print and digital publications.

The alliance’s award-winning monthly magazine, MJSA Journal provides the technical and business information its readers need to succeed. MJSA members receive a free subscription.

The print and digital trade books of MJSA Press cover all aspects of jewelry making and design, from best business practices to expert technical solutions. MJSA members can purchase copies at discounted rates.

Our searchable library includes nearly 2,000 vetted technical and business articles, podcasts and videos. MJSA members can purchase pdf articles free of charge and have full access to all online offerings. Non-members can purchase articles for $5 per page.

MJSA publishes several guides that explain, in plain English, how to meet federal, state, and industry standards and regulations. MJSA also keeps members updated about pending regulations through e-updates.