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Who Are You?

Defining your key customers

By Andrea Hill

I have been on only one blind date in my life, but it was memorable. I’m still not sure the friends who set us up meant well. They said they did, but I am skeptical.

My date was told that I was at the top of my class at a prestigious university, musical, nerdy, and working with an interfaith group. I was told that he was an engineer with a brilliant mind who was also musical and close to his parents. All true.

What my friends left out was that he leaned as far right as I leaned left, and that he was more than a bit of a white supremacist while I was doing gang intervention and tutoring in the inner city. The date? We had a rip-roaring argument in the middle of a posh restaurant followed by a chilly mid-January walk home in heels (for me).

It was bad enough that I couldn’t afford the $40 for my half of an indigestion-inducing dinner. But had this been a marketing strategy, someone might have spent $3.5 million for 30 seconds of Sup...