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How to safely show at a jewelry or precious materials trade show

Courtesy of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co.

When you attend a jewelry trade show, you want to showcase your best jewelry to attract show buyers. But in the course of coming and going from any jewelry trade show, you will also attract the unwelcome attention of criminals.

With hundreds of jewelers gathering in one place, jewelry trade shows remain an active target for thieves. “Every show season, we hear from jewelers who are justifiably concerned about the potential theft and robbery threats they face while attending jewelry industry trade shows,” said David Sexton, CPCU, vice president of loss prevention consulting at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. “These events are highly publicized and promoted nationwide, so they create a compelling draw for criminals. It’s incredibly important for everyone attending to be aware of this very real threat and take reasonable precautions both during the trade show and during your travel to and from the trade show.”