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Another Good Idea: Special Delivery

A pizza box can do so much more...

By Shawna Kulpa

You did it. You started your own company, created a great new product, marketed it to your target customers, and now the orders are flowing in. You ship off the orders—but beyond making sure everything is packed so it arrives in one piece, you really don’t give much thought to the packaging. As a small business, you can only afford basic, no-frills packaging. But what it there was a way you could deliver your product safely and cheaply, all while putting a smile on your customer’s face?

That was the question faced by the staff of Knew Concepts in Santa Cruz, California. Known for the unique jeweler’s saws it makes and sells, Knew Concepts needed a shipping container that was practical and sturdy, but also would fit a saw’s flat, long, and wide shape.

Enter a pizza box.

Readily available, the boxes were the perfect size to accommodate the saws and provide good protection, says Lee Marshall, owner of K...