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How to keep your jewelry business secure when using social media

Courtesy of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co.

In recent years, jewelry makers and designers have harnessed the power of social media to build their customer bases, update their fans, and stay relevant in the eyes of jewelry buyers. What they may not have thought about is this: How do you post securely without putting your business at risk?

In a recent loss prevention webinar, Jewelers Mutual asked two social media experts to offer their lessons in safely and successfully promoting jewelry businesses online. Shane O’Neill, vice president of Fruchtman Marketing, has more than 17 years of digital marketing and social media experience and works closely with several leading jewelry brands. Daniel Gordon, a fourth-generation jeweler and social media planner for Diamond Cellar, has broad experience on all social media platforms. They offer the following advice to help you keep your business safe and secure on social media.