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Shop Space

Three designers explain their shop layouts

Compiled by Shawna Kulpa

When setting up your jewelry studio, it’s crucial to consider not just your current needs, but also what changes might come down the road as you grow and evolve your line. Your tools and equipment should be organized for efficiency and flexibility.

In this article, we take a look inside the shops of three designers who keep their shop layouts practical, productive, and adaptable for any changes that may come.

Gregoré Morin  |  Elizabeth Garvin  |  Sarah Graham


One-of-a-Kind Operation

Gregoré Morin
Gregoré Joailliers
Santa Barbara, California

Many jewelers modify their studios to be more efficient. Gregoré Morin renovated his studio not only for efficiency, but also for beauty and tranquility. With walls only partially dry walled and a ceiling with no drywall and insulation hanging down, Morin found the juxtaposition between what he makes and where he makes it humorous. But he recently decided that enough w...