Selling Stories: Branding and Sales Strategies for Designers

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Rings by George Sawyer

Selling Stories

Brilliant branding and sales strategies for designers

By John Shanahan and Tina Wojtielo Snyder

What’s your story? If this question—when asked in the context of your jewelry—is a difficult one to answer, you may want to consider a new career. "Having a clear, concise message that captures the story behind your designs is critical to the success of your business," says Cindy Edelstein of the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau in Pelham Manor, New York. "You should be able to sum up in a phrase the essence of your jewelry design business."

Start by taking a close look at your jewelry. The core message that you are trying to convey with your work will often stem from the materials featured, the techniques used, or the overall style of the work. Sure, all of these elements work in concert, but it’s essential to hone in on that which sets you apart—your differentiator. You need to figure out exactly what your jewelry would say if it could talk and take that me...