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Creating a homemade engraving table

By Fabio Penuela

Used to further enhance the beauty of finished jewelry, hand engraving has been around for ages. But thanks to today’s technology and some new techniques, engraving is a bit easier to accomplish these days. There are now specialized tools that not only will securely hold a piece in place for engraving, but also allow the user to reposition the piece easily for proper movement and form while creating an engraved pattern. But sometimes these tools, such as an engraving block and turntable, can be a bit expensive, especially for jewelers just getting started. However, I believe these tools are invaluable when engraving certain patterns, such as scrollwork, so I came up with a homemade micro-turntable that can be easily constructed at a fraction of the price a professional one might cost. This setup allows the engraver to see through his or her microscope while turning the piece without losing sight of the action.