Rockin’ Around the Casting Tree

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Tips for casting success

By Shawna Kulpa

During these hot summer days, the last thing you want to think about is the cold winter that’s just a few months away. But as you’re sitting on the beach working on your tan or catching up on the latest bestseller, you’re probably already thinking about the designs you want to sell during the upcoming holiday season. You’ve done your research on what’s trending, and you’ve got some great ideas for designs that you suspect will be big hits with this year’s shoppers. And although it seems like you have plenty of time to get back into the shop to produce those designs, you really don’t, especially if you plan to send them out to have them cast.

Like many folks in the jewelry industry, casters get swamped before the holiday season. The more time you can give them to turn your designs into reality, the better. In addition, you can take steps to make sure your designs don’t cause delays and waste time. This month, experienced industry casters share tips to help make sure the casting process is as smooth as molten metal, and your holiday orders are ready for the earliest of shoppers.