Rina Young’s Ribbon Collar Necklace

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Lyrical Moment

Creating flow and movement articulated ain metal

By Tina Snyder

New York City–based designer Rina Young has been designing jewelry for 34 years—and she’s been working with sterling silver wire for as long as she can remember. While she has hand fabricated many smaller jewelry pieces featuring the signature wrapped ribbon pattern shown in this one-of-a-kind brushed sterling silver collar necklace, she had never before created a piece of this scale.

“I wanted to make a lyrical statement piece that captures the moment of a leaf blowing in the wind,” says Young. “Using silver wire, I attempted to re-create that natural flowing pattern in a physical way.”

After sketching a conceptual drawing of the necklace, Young moved to paper to build a prototype. Wrapping strips of card stock and taping them together gave Young an idea of where the curves would go in the piece, but without the weight of the metal, it was a bit tricky to plan for how the necklace would sit on the body.

Rina Young
New York City