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Striking the Right Note

3: Christine Alaniz

When reading Sarah’s story, the part that stood out the most to me was the connection between Sarah and her parents. I wanted to honor her parents’ desire to celebrate their daughter’s achievements by showcasing all of the gemstones they so thoughtfully selected for her gift. I loved the idea that these stones came from many different places around the world and I wanted the emphasis of the piece to be on the gemstones.

Sarah lives a very busy life, so I needed to create something that wouldn’t get in her way. Rings and bracelets can be clunky, and I wanted this piece to not be a burden—something she could wear every day. I settled on a necklace that would be appropriate for her to wear both in her professional life and during some of her weekend museum trips. Since the gemstones were all responsibly sourced from different countries, the necklace would be a great way for her to open up and chat about what she does when people ask about her n...