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A Mission in Life

7: Peter Indorf

I had a lot of ideas of different pieces to create for Lila, but ultimately I settled on a ring. To me, a ring is the most personal anniversary gift that you can give. It’s something she’ll be able to wear and look at and enjoy. Earrings and necklaces are outward, fashion accessories, but rings are inner pieces—the wearer can always look at it. And that’s what I wanted with this piece.

One of my goals was to use all of the stones Mark sourced for the project. The result wound up being a large, statement ring. While a more delicate piece might be more of Lila’s everyday style, I wanted the ring to be a little over the top for her. A see the ring as a right-hand ring that she would wear on a night out or a special occasion. Something fun and flashy that would always remind her of their anniversary and the life they’ve created together.

Because she’s an active person, I kept the profile of the ring low and opted to use smooth and easy-to-wear bezel setti...