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A Mission in Life

5: Erin Jane Staples

A major source of inspiration for my design was the depth of care Mark put into sourcing each of these treasured stones. It just struck me as so romantic! Each gem has such significance, and my goal was to really let the stones shine in a romantic and feminine design while honoring Lila’s path in life. Although Mark gave her a sweet and simple sterling silver wedding band, I chose to design a ring for her assuming her original wedding ring could become a right-hand ring or even be stacked with her new one.

The heart of this design is the glowing center stone. The Oregon hyalite opal represents Lila’s new home with her husband and baby, who are now the center of her world. That center is surrounded by the other important milestones that have shaped their lives and brought this couple together. Growing up in Montana created the foundation of who Lila has become, and it is represented by the Montana sapphires. The loving crown of Padparadscha sapphi...