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A Mission in Life

6: Emily Phillippy

After reading Lila’s story, my initial thoughts were of the silver band she’s been wearing. She has a meaningful ring for everyday life, so I wanted to create something that was big and beautiful. The first few iterations of my design were of a pendant, but I kept coming back to the idea of this as an anniversary gift. It should represent their relationship, and the pendant wasn’t significant enough for the occasion. Instead, I broke away from the necklace idea and focused on creating a ring, as it is a traditional symbol for engagements and marriages. With an anniversary ring, there’s no question as to what it represents and what it stands for.

I wanted the ring to be a beautiful statement piece, but one that would still allow Lila to wear her silver wedding ring. When designing the ring, I wanted to use all of the stones that Mark had sourced for the piece. I envisioned the ring as a future heirloom, and I liked the idea that one day their childr...