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A Mission in Life

9: David Dorian

When I first started thinking of a design, I was initially drawn to the idea of making a ring for Lila. She didn’t seem like someone who needed a big fancy engagement ring, but I thought she might like a ring to complement the simple silver band that Mark had had fashioned for her in Malawi. But with a baby on the way and her helping Mark with his adventure company, I know that a ring would get pretty beat up. I wanted her to have the ability to take the ring off and wear it another way, so she would still have it with her without having to worry about ruining it.

As a solution, I came up with the idea of a ring that could be added to a pendant. It features a simple clasp idea where she can fit the band between two components, turn it 90 degrees, and it would lock the pieces together. Although Lila is adventurous, she doesn’t seem to be into a lot of bling so I kept the design of the pieces fairly simple but unique. In addition to using nearly all of ...