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A Mission in Life

4: Bliss Lau

I see jewelry as an experience. I wanted to make Lila something she could wear and enjoy differently every day. As such, I designed four interchangeable rings, which can be combined or worn independently, allowing Lila to wear the pieces adapted for her lifestyle, feelings, and daily routine. My goal was to empower Lila to express her own creativity in how she wears the rings each day.

Rings by Bliss Lau

Because this ring is an homage to Lila’s life experiences, I wanted to make sure to infuse each element with something important to her. Since her Peace Corps mission in Malawi marked a critical time in her life, I researched the dress of the some of the many tribes in Malawi, such as Bantu, Sena, and Chichewa. I drew inspiration from the intricate textures and beautiful shapes. I found a mix of symmetry and asymmetry, as well as angular shapes, circular layering, and color, which I incorporated into the rings.


The recycled gold rings combine white and rose gold, signif...