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Celebrating a Life Lost Too Soon

3: Karina Mattei

After reading Jenny and Tim’s story, several concepts stood out for me: Tim and Jenny’s love for each other and their family, their love of the outdoors, and Tim’s passion for being a police officer. His badge holds great significance, and I wanted all of its symbolism to have a meaningful place in my design.

Ultimately, I decided to design an 18k white gold ring and earring suite, believing that the white metal would resemble Tim’s badge color as well as best highlight the brilliance of the blue sapphires. Many police badges depict an eagle, which is a symbol of strength and courage, with its wings conveying protection. I chose to include an eagle’s wings in my design for this reason. The badge also stands for dedication, justice, and a sworn allegiance to service and helping. Tim adhered to and honored these qualities, both on the job as well as with his family. I incorporated a heart within the center of the ring’s stylized badge. I...