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Celebrating a Life Lost Too Soon

4: Denny Wong

After reading the story and seeing the three sapphires for the project, I envisioned the stones as representing the three most important people in Jenny’s life: her husband Tim, and their two sons Patrick and Ryan. I added a fourth blue sapphire to the top of the pendant as a way to include Jenny in the pendant as well as a starting point for the eye.

Ultimately, I decided to create a pendant. I wanted something that Jenny could wear close to her heart, as well as something that she could wear everyday. Because I envisioned the pendant being for daily use, I kept the design simple. The pendant features 18k white gold because I felt the white metal would best show off the sapphires. I added small diamonds set in yellow gold bezels as accents to help brighten up the piece and add little sparkle. They also provide a nice rest for the eyes, as they travel down the swooshing design.

Denny Wong is the owner of Denny Wong Designs in Honolulu, Ha...