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Celebrating a Life Lost Too Soon

9: Baiyang Qiu

After reading Jenny and Tim’s story, I was touched and honored to be creating a sentimental piece for Jenny to cherish. Because jewelry is a personal object, an object which carries memory and identity, I started my process thinking about Jenny, her relationship with Tim, her job, her kids…the things that make her smile. With everything she had been through, it became crystal clear how devoted she is as both a mother and as a wife, daughter, and friend. In the face of adversity and tragedy, when her world was most shattered, she remained strong

I started with a pendant form, a piece that would sit close to Jenny’s heart and be a forever reminder of Tim’s love. Using very fine gauge platinum wire, I designed a round form, about 1 inch in diameter and 0.3 inch thick, with a flat top and bottom, keeping the pendant comfortable for daily wear. Each little piece of platinum wire serves as a reminder of the memories and great times Jenny and T...