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Celebrating a Life Lost Too Soon

6: Ashley Morgan

When I design jewelry, I view my creations as little love story time capsules. I look at jewelry through the lens of a keepsake, and I try to tell a poetic story through my work. After reading Tim and Jenny’s heartfelt story, I knew I wanted to create a piece that captured the love they shared. Ultimately, I settled on a simple but classic right-hand ring that Jenny could wear everyday. When Jenny looks at her finger, she won’t just see a ring. She’ll see the way the sapphires glow with the same blue fire that kindles in the heart of every policeman—a fire that drives a man to serve and protect not just his loved ones, but to help all those in need.

I designed the ring in platinum because it’s a malleable metal that will wear well, and has a naturally gray tone that helped me envision dusky nights lit by the campfires Tim and Jenny enjoyed with their family. I’ve accented the metal with two hand-engraved inscriptions. Along the outside...