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Celebrating a Life Lost Too Soon

5: Alex Boyd

When I sat down to design the piece, I drew a correlation between the three sapphires and the three most important people in Jenny’s life: Tim and their two sons. I knew I wanted the piece to be representative of her whole family, with the large sapphire standing in as Tim at the center.

I created a sunburst design as the focus of the piece because when Jenny chose to build a life with Tim, she made him the center of her life and her heart. Just as the sun is at the center of the solar system and is what holds everything together, the love Jenny and Tim shared was the center around which everything else in their lives revolved.

I settled on a necklace design and opted to create it with blackened steel. I chose steel because I correlate it with police officers and it seemed fitting. Plus, I love the look of blackened steel with high karat gold over it and thought it would make for an eye-catching piece. It has an earthiness and ruggedness t...