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A Long Time Coming

8: Sandy Leong

When I read the story of Kate and Rebecca, I knew I wanted to make a ring. They’ve been together for 40 years, but it still felt like they were making a commitment to each other. For me, rings are symbols of commitment. Plus, I liked the idea of making a piece that Kate could wear everyday. Necklaces you usually take on and off, but rings are more permanent.

In creating the ring, I opted to create it as three components: a single solitaire surrounded by two wider bands. I thought the ring would be symbolic of their family of three: Kate, Rebecca, and their son. Kate can wear the ruby solitaire by itself, or she can pair it with one or both of the bands. Just as her family comes together, so too do her rings.

Rings by Sandy Leong Rings by Sandy Leong

Because Kate doesn’t seem the type to like anything fussy, I kept the design simple and practical. Since she lives an active lifestyle, I wanted to make sure it was a piece she could still wear anywhere. I set the ring in an east-west fashion be...