Online Design Challenge 2016: Rémy Rotenier

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A Long Time Coming

4: Rémy Rotenier

I designed a ring because I imagined that it is what Kate would want after waiting this long. I also believe it could be the strongest manifestation of their feelings. Because Kate’s tastes are more modern, I opted to set the ruby east/west. Setting the stone sideways created a contemporary twist for this stunning focal point. Also, as an active person, Kate would not want a ring that gets in the way, and I think this design keeps the ring compact on her finger.

Although I have not met Kate, I opted to create the ring in rose gold, which works well with the Mozambique ruby. Additionally, its warm and radiant tone is known to complement any skin tone. I added platinum accents with diamonds to the sides of the rings. Representing the idea of a protective, loving hug, these diamond halos are separated from the ruby to act as a reflector. This enhances the size of the ruby, and I thought it would be nice to have the rich red tones reflected on the plati...