MJSA Online Design Challenge 2016: Pia Giambrone

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A Long Time Coming

5: Pia Giambrone

When I sat down to create this piece for Kate, I knew I wanted to create a ring for her. I thought a ring would be the best choice, as it’s the traditional token of celebrating love, relationships, and commitment. I opted to make it in platinum because of the metal’s color and durability. I want Kate to be able to wear this ring for the rest of her life and not have to worry about caring for the metal.

For the design of the piece, I wanted to incorporate aspects of Rebecca and Kate’s interests and lives without being too literal. I combined Rebecca’s love of the ocean and surfing with Kate’s passion for hiking mountains into a raised and stylized wave design. To incorporate Kate’s artistic side, I gave the waves a paint stroke feel, which I feel helped give movement to the piece.

Ring by Pia Giambrone


Like Kate and Rebecca, I live in Seattle, so I know how beautiful and colorful the sunsets are here. I wanted to reflect that beauty in the ring and mimicked the colors ...