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A Long Time Coming

3: Julie Luckenbill

As I read about Rebecca and Kate’s story, a few things stood out clearly: Their love of the outdoors near their coastal home outside of Seattle. Their active lifestyles, especially with their family. And, of course, their obvious love of art. The customer always influences design, with their needs and desires, so I wanted to incorporate their interests in the design.

First, I settled on a pendant because Kate is a busy mom, active in events with their son and a lover of hiking and the outdoors. A ring could get damaged or get in the way of those experiences, while a pendant on a sturdy chain can go almost anywhere.

Next, I considered Kate’s love of art, especially modern and avant-garde painting. I wanted the design to feel like a work of art—practical enough to wear everyday but also elegant enough to wear for a night on the town.

Then I took into consideration their love for the outdoors and their home in Washington, tucked between the mounta...