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A Long Time Coming

2: Heather Oleari

I was excited when I read Kate’s story because I love rubies and I’m excited to design with them. Since Kate isn’t the type to wear traditional looking jewelry, I looked back through my modern art books. I wanted to create something that would appeal to Kate’s artistic, painterly side, so I looked at the way modern artists built their paintings. I also noted the use of bright, bold colors, and I knew I wanted to incorporate a lot of color into the piece.

Although Rebecca is giving Kate this gift in honor of their wedding, I didn’t want to create something traditionally bridal. I settled on doing a platinum pendant, believing it would be something that she could keep close to her heart and wear all the time.

To create the design, I wanted to incorporate all of the parts of their story into the piece. I featured the ruby in the center of the piece, as I felt it represented Kate, Rebecca, and their son as a family unit, with the elements of their worl...