MJSA Online Design Challenge 2016: David Giulietti

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A Long Time Coming

9: David Giulietti

After reading the story of Kate and Rebecca, I knew I wanted to create a ring. Rings have a long history in the human story—they are not only an expression of love and union, but also a representation of the sealing of the marriage contract. Plus, Kate could wear a ring every day, so it would always be close.

Considering Kate’s tastes, I wanted to keep it modern and not overly designed, referencing both their love of the outdoors, as well as their history as a couple. In the beginning, they had to keep their relationship a secret, and even after they came out, they had no way to legally acknowledge it. The ruby represents their love kept safe, fiery, and strong throughout the years. A waterfall of gems pouring down the side of the ring symbolizes same-sex marriage finally being made legal and allowing their love to flow freely on all fronts. Diamonds evoke the pristine waters of Washington State’s Cascade Mountains, which they both loved. 

The sim...