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Telling the tale of your jewelry through packaging and display

By Rebecca Oster Bach

Like most jewelry designers, Maeve Gillies of New York City–based MaeVona has a story to tell through her jewelry. It’s a story that encapsulates Scotland’s history and mythology, its lochs and wildflowers, its towns and castles. And like most jewelers, Gillies crafts each piece to represent the story that inspires her, revealing the unique qualities that enhance her work and increase customer interest.

For one of Gillies’s most popular rings, Eriskay—part of her Scottish Islands collection—Gillies trains retail sales staff about the story of the ring. On her website she includes photographs of the island along with a personal story about how the location inspired the piece and collection. And, as with all her pieces, she carries the story through to the end packaging: a white wooden box, bordered by her signature navy blue, gets packaged inside a matching box that, when opened, reveals an historic map of Scotland from the 1700s, which lines the box. The outer box is then secured with a navy ribbon containing her logo, an intertwined Celtic M and V.