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Joel McFadden discusses memorable advice, mistakes, and more

What is the most memorable advice you ever received?
Everyone makes mistakes; the difference between winners and losers is how you deal with the mistakes. I received this advice from my martial arts coach, Olaf. He advised me to learn from my mistakes and losses. Instead of getting upset because of a loss, I learned how to analyze it so as to not repeat it. I started following this advice in my business as well. There was a point where I kept scratching the tops of tanzanites. Initially, I ignored the issue, thinking it was the stones. But after repolishing the third tanzanite, I thought about Olaf’s advice and looked at what I was doing wrong and how I could fix it. I realized that I was placing loose stones on my benchtop, which was covered in abrasives. To fix my mistake, I started keeping the stones in their papers, preventing scratches.