Orion Pro

Orion Pro Laser Engravers

Laser Type:

Pulsed Fiber


20 - 100 watts (model specific)

Engraving Area:

110 mm X x 110 mm Y x 110 mm Z

Engraveable Materials:

Yellow and white gold, silver, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel.


17.7" L x 29.5" W x 26.4" H
(45 cm x 75 cm x 67 cm)

Special Features:

Top of the line components that are designed and built to last and perform. Includes the highest level of specifi-cations to provide the best possible machine. Optional accessories include XY clamp, high precision rotary clamp, vacuum systems, electro-magnetic feeder, and pneumatic door opening. High quality made in Italy.

Technical Support:

Highest level of U.S.-based customer support available. All repairs and tech-nical support are performed on-site or in Utah.

Training Options:

We offer free training options that include unlimited phone support and training. Video conference and on-site training options.


Two-year warranty, parts and labor included. Ou...