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Comparing Laser Engravers 

Laser engraving systems can help save time and effort. Below is a list of several of the laser engravers on the market today. Click on the engraver model name to read more about each system and the benefits they offer.

Laser Engraver Guide

Click here for help determining which system is right for you. 

Click here to download a PDF version of the complete engraver comparison chart as featured in the March 2019 issue of MJSA Journal.

LaserStar Technologies

FiberCube 3400 Series Open Laser Engraver

Fibercube 3600 Series Open Laser Engraver

FiberCube 3801 Laser Engraver

Fibercube 3803XL Laser Engraver

B&D Sales, A Stuller Company

Fiberscan by Siro Lasertec

RR Writer by Orotig

Gravotech Inc.

F30 Fiber Laser

Laser Workstation 2 (LW2)

Orion Welders

Orion Pro Laser Engravers

Orion Nano Laser Engravers

Orion 3D Laser Engravers

Orion ECO Laser Engravers

Lasertech USA

Leon’s Laser Engraving Machine

Rio Grande

LIGHTScribe 20W, 50W, 70W

Stuller Inc.


Trotec Laser Inc.

Sisma Easy Go

SpeedMarker 300

SpeedMarker 300

Paul H. Gesswein & Co. Inc.

Sisma Easy Go

Sisma Easy

Sisma Big Smarky

Romanoff International Supply Corp.

FiberLux EL

FiberLux PRO

FiberLux 3D