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How to ensure a business is fully insured

Courtesy of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group 

Most jewelry makers and designers understand they should buy insurance. After all, depending on the coverage, insurance can protect your assets during a theft or robbery, a natural disaster, or even a liability suit or data breach. Insurance can also help to protect your safety and the safety of your employees: Knowing you’re covered in the face of a robbery or other threatening situation, you may feel less compelled to defend your business and merchandise which could help save your life and the lives of your employees.

But when buying insurance, what do manufacturers and designers really need to consider? The Jewelers Mutual article "Containing Risk: How to Secure the Proper Insurance Protection for Your Business" provides lists of the coverages that jewelry manufacturers, designers, and retailers need. To expand upon that, below you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the various types of policies that will ensure your business has those coverages, and that will allow you to rest easy knowing your livelihood is fully protected.