A Guide to Removing a Bezel-Set Stone

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In the Hot Seat

How to minimize damage when unsetting a bezel-set gemstone

By Jeanette K. Caines

Unsetting a bezel-set gemstone is something that you might not do often, but it is more than likely to come up eventually. Potential reasons for unsetting are a cracked or damaged stone, correcting issues with an improperly set stone, resizing a ring, or needing to repair damage to a piece without endangering the stone with heat. It’s also a process that can be tricky since it involves sticking a tool between the stone and its setting and applying pressure to create a space be-tween them. You run the risk of not only scratching or damaging the stone, but also possibly damaging the setting, which you may need or want to preserve. Let’s take a look at one way to unset a stone that can help minimize the risk of damage.