The Lost Year

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Theresa Kwong

TK Metal Arts
San Francisco

Ihad been feeling less than motivated to do much during our COVID-19 quarantine, stuck in a giant creative block. I was shocked as I watched the pandemic rage through our communities, and I spent a lot of time reading the news, hoping to find any morsel of hope. At the same time, I was attracted to the form of this deadly coronavirus, with spikes growing out of this perfect sphere. Using a time capsule concept, I created this convertible brooch/pendant.

This piece is the first in a series I call The Lost Year. My plan is to make one for every two months of the first year of the pandemic, like a time capsule to record this moment in history. The sterling silver is oxidized to reflect the blackened look of the virus, with bright red embroidery floss French-knotted to represent the red spike proteins.