Raising a Glass

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Linda MacNeil

Jewels of Glass
New Hampshire

I went to school for metalsmithing and jewelry, and I evolved into using glass because it’s such an intriguing material. Working with glass is a unique way of making things, and I’m hooked on the range of colors I can develop with glass processes. I find that with minerals commonly used only in jewelry, I just don’t have the freedom of making any shape I want.
I work in series, and my neck collar series is probably more sculptural than other series I’ve created. These are more of a statement, and more graphic. And I really enjoy the fact that it’s a structural form that I add glass parts to, so it’s not a free-flowing piece. There’s more freedom to make a design the way I want and not have it change with gravity. I create the shape, and it stays as I built it when on the body.