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FURA Gems launches marketing council to grow color stone market

By Deborah A. Yonick

FURA Gems, the Dubai-based precious gemstone producer, has a plan and $2 million to undertake an ambitious marketing program for emeralds, rubies, and sapphires that it’s banking will benefit the color stone industry at large.

Earlier this summer, it launched the FURA Marketing Council (FMC) to connect the precious color gemstone supply chain, harnessing the power of a major mining company with marketing muscle in collaboration with cutters, dealers, jewelry manufacturers, and retailers throughout the supply chain to promote responsibly mined gemstones.

MVI Marketing, who brought the trade the Indo Argyle Diamond Council, will be the managing group for FMC, which will offer companies participating in the program an array of re-sources, including advertising funds, sales training, promotional assets, market research, and consulting support.