MJSA Buyer’s Tips: Selecting the Right Findings

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Finding Satisfaction

How to choose the right components for your needs

They may often be the smallest parts on a piece of jewelry—the spring rings, the crimp beads, the eye pins and ear nuts—but findings perform a big job: they keep the jewelry intact and securely in place. Which means that when you purchase these component parts, you should apply the same level of consideration as you would when buying your metal, gemstones, or any other material.

So beyond matching metal to metal, what should a jeweler consider when selecting findings? Below are a few suggestions; by posing these questions to both yourself and your suppliers before making a final decision, you’ll better ensure that your decision is the right one for your needs.

1. What’s your price point? Before you get into such specifics as weight, style, and durability, you need to focus on an elemental business decision: How much do you want your jewelry to cost? Is it a high-end piece that requires quality components? Is it a un...