The Looks of Foldforming

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The Looks of Foldforming

Charles Lewton-Brain has categorized the classes of foldforming into 10 techniques. Some can be used as the starting point for dozens of variations; others have literally hundreds of possible looks.


Line Folds: A basic technique where the metal is folded and unfolded, and sometimes worked in between to achieve a desired look, such as a grid or lines passing above or below each other.


T-Folds: T-fold forms begin by folding a sheet of metal and leaving a small loop at the fold, then placing its open ends in a vise. The loop is malleted down to create a T-shaped cross-section, and can be further worked from there.


Cross Folds: Similar to the T-fold, a vise is used to make a T-shaped cross-section, and is then shaped into a cross.


Rolled Folds: Folded metal is run through a standard rolling mill to create varying textures. This process can be used on metal that has already been foldformed with another technique.


Pleated: These folds are made by folding the me...