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MJSA ConFab Conference LogoMJSA ConFab Conference
The ConFabulous schedule is now online for MJSA’s ConFab Conference, which will return to the Fashion Institute of Technology Nov. 2. Read now.

Do No Harm
As more and more designers become aware of the social and environmental consequences of mining for raw metals and gemstones, many have turned to other sources to supply materials for their businesses. This month, several designers dedicated to using responsibly sourced materials discuss the reasons why they’ve chosen this path, how they now source their materials, and what it’s meant for their business. Read now.

MJSA Tech Sheet 40: Designing with Lasers
How JJ Bückar developed a "light touch" with their designs. Sponsored by LaserStar TechnologiesRead now.

MJSA Tech Sheet 39: Investing Resin Models
How to increase investment mold strength to better cast resin models, by J. Tyler Teague. Sponsored by Ransom and RandolphRead now.

MJSA Online Design Challenge: A Mother’s Love
A devoted mother and a rare padparadscha sapphire are at the heart of this year’s MJSA Online Design Challenge. All of the designs are in, now it’s time for you to vote for your favorite. Click here to vote now! Sponsored by Omi GemsRead now.

New Earring Treatments

All Ears
Designers embrace new earring treatments. Read now. (MJSA Members Only.)

With a Twist
Alan Revere explains how to optimize a saw blade for cutting wax. Read now. (MJSA Members Only.)

Professor of Crystal: Of Crystals and Casting
Presented by the MJSA Education Foundation and Swarovski, this step-by-step article by Nick Regine, the Professor of Crystal, demonstrates how to create a custom showcase for a crystal stone. Read now.

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