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Creating Connections to New Career Paths...

Apprenticeships were once a vital part of the jewelry industry's recruiting and training regimen, allowing businesses to transfer knowledge while also showing younger workers a recognizable career path. The MJSA Mentor & Apprenticeship Program (MAP) aims to revive this practice, providing the tools needed by professional jewelers to find qualified workers and train them properly.

Spearheaded by the MJSA Education Foundation, the program currently offers tools for training bench jewelers, who are in demand across the industry.

These tools are all contained in the MJSA Mentor & Apprenticeship Training Package. Developed with the input from leading jewelers and educators throughout the industry, the package guides mentors through all aspects of setting up an apprenticeship. Funded in part by a grant from the JCK Industry Fund, the kit is available free of charge and leads to MJSA's Advanced Jewelry Apprentice (AJA) certification.

The MJSA Mentor & Apprenticeship Training Package Includes:

A 50-week curriculum that provides step-by-step guidance for mentors to instruct apprentices and help them achieve the minimum standards for core competency.

Assessment tests that businesses can use when choosing apprentice candidates.

• A brief guide to creating a culture that promotes employee retention.

A list of suppliers of benches and related equipment to help outfit a shop for an apprentice.

A free copy of A Jeweler's Guide to Apprenticeships, the award-winning book by Nanz Aalund (who also developed the curriculum).

• Access to the MJSA Online Library. Developed to supplement an apprentice's shop training, it offers curated instructional videos and downloads showing best practices for various bench skills.

Mentor Support resources to help mentors hone their training skills and bring out the best in each apprentice.