Otto Frei – Burro Bur Rotating Organizing Holder

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Burro Jeweler’s Bur Rotating Organizing Holder

Otto Frei

Made from 3-D printed plastic, the Burro bur organizational system was designed using the Busch bur catalog, though it will accommodate other bur brands. Sitting atop a soft action lazy Susan for smooth rotation, the unit features seven layers of storage: a base layer with 47 compartments for ball/round burs; the first layer with 47 compartments for bearing cutter 90-degree or cup/concave burs; the second layer with 31 compartments for bearing cutter 70-degree burs; the third layer with 27 compartments for stone setting burs; the fourth layer with 23 compartments for bud, cone/pointed, wheel, cylinder, and pointed 100-degree burs; the fifth layer with 19 compartments for twisted drill, inverted cone, and flame burs; and the sixth layer with 20 holes for odd and off-size burs as well as 14 compartments to hold the GRS quick-change engraver handle.