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ImpGen Little Torch Cooler Head Tube Adapter

Designed for use with the Little Torch, the ImpGen Cooler Head Tube Adapter can be screwed onto the torch and used with Meco Midget or Paige torch tips to produce larger reducing flames for a wider range of applications. The adapter has a brass tip with cooling fins that gives heat protection, preventing heat from making its way down the head tube toward the user’s hand and allowing for longer and cooler torch sessions. It also has a copper ferrule on the torch end to provide cushioning for a better seal. It is sold separately but also available in a starter kit that includes Meco Midget torch tips.

Contact: Otto Frei |

The Chopper

Developed by Kent Raible and made in the USA, the Chopper is a granulation shear designed to make rapid, precise cuts of thin wire for producing small, equal-sized lengths of gold or silver wire used in granulation. It can cut snippets of wire as small as 0.1 mm in length. The maximum wire diameter that can be fed through the Chopper is 1.2 mm. In addition, the Chopper can be used for simply cutting lengths of wire, with a maximum repeatable cut length of 10 mm. It comes with a slide that catches the snippets as they’re chopped, which allows them to fall into an included tray.

Contact: Otto Frei |