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Calibrated GeoCut Gemstones

Now available in calibrated and repeatable sizes, these GeoCut stones feature unusual and unique angular shapes. Offering a custom, one-of-kind look, this cut collection can easily be used in repeatable production lines. Stones available in this cut include sapphire in blue, lavender, gray, gold, yellow, and bi-color from Montana and Malawi, as well as Anthill garnet, red garnet, sunstone, morganite, aquamarine, peridot, amethyst, blue topaz, green beryl, and rutilated quartz. Stones are offered in sizes ranging from 0.33 carat to about 6 carats, with most in the 0.5 carat to 2.5 carat range.

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Rose-Cut Hexagon Gemstones

A variation of facet and tablet hexagon stones, these rose-cut hexagons are calibrated, making them suitable for use in a repeatable designer colored stone line. Now offered in a larger selection of sizes, stones in the collection include blue teal green and yellow sapphire from Montana and Malawi, black spinel, Anthill garnet, sunstone, opaque red ruby, and tourmaline. Other types of stones can be cut in this fashion on request.

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