PRO 4K65

Using the latest 4K DLP imaging technology, the PRO 4K65 3-D printer is designed to produce crisp precision parts in high volumes fast. The printer’s 4K mode reduces the pixel size to increase part accuracy and resolution without impacting build area or printing time. Offering a 46 micron pixel size, the open-material printer uses Smart Positioning System technology to accurately form every layer, resulting in consistent results. It has a build volume of 6.94 inches X by 3.9 inches Y by 7.87 inches Z (176 mm by 99 mm by 200 mm). Measuring 18.3 inches by 21.3 inches by 53 inches (465 mm by 540 mm by 1,345 mm), the printer comes with Composer software, a 2 liter build tray, Flash post-curing chamber, a calibration toolkit, and 1 kg of Asiga material.

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SuperCAST X is a high-resolution 3-D printing resin for direct casting in gypsum investments. Competitively priced, the resin is designed to print beautifully smooth and detailed models that burn-out cleanly for high-quality castings in gold, silver, and base metals.

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