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BarTender Starter Edition

Designed to be easy to use, BarTender software offers the benefits of thermal transfer printing to businesses that do not currently have bar coding capabilities. The software allows tags and labels to be formatted to print in virtually any size or shape. Users can create tags and labels featuring text, barcodes, lines, basic shapes, and common industry symbols. In addition, QR codes can be included on labels to help direct customers to more product information online. Suitable for linking to external data sources such as Excel and Access, the software has network capability, allowing multiple users to print to a single printer. It works with any printer with a Windows driver, including laser and inkjet.

Contact: Arch Crown

GemLightbox Turntable Kit

Compatible with DSLR cameras and with Android and iOS devices, the GemLightbox Turntable Kit features housing that allows users to capture 360-degree videos with three different lighting options. The lighting options include Regular, the versatile default option; Sparkles, which is ideal for photographing faceted stones and opals; and Daylight, which can be used to photograph most types of jewelry as well as for hand photography. The kit includes a photography table, necklace and earring stand, universal adapter, and a universal smartphone holder. It also comes with several accessories normally sold separately: GemLightbox, Turntable, and Aerial Turntable, which allows users to photograph or film hanging jewelry. Users can control the turntables via Bluetooth.

Contact: Stuller Inc. |