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Tool Testing: The BezelEase
December 5th, 2023

Building Cabochon Castles Designed by a jewelry artist, the BezelEase was created to speed up and simplify the process of making castellated bezels By Melissa Muir (Originally Published October 2023) Like most jewelers, I love tools. While there are many tools on the market, most are based on tried-and-true designs. But my favorite tools come […]


Tool Testing: The Orion PJ Pulse-arc Welder
September 5th, 2023

Keep It Simple Testing the Orion PJ pulse-arc welder By Melissa Muir (Originally Published August 2023) Jewelers interested in taking advantage of the recent permanent jewelry trend have been purchasing pulse-arc welders for the task. While many welders on the market are small, portable, and easy to set up (making them ideal for offering on-location […]


Tool Testing: The Ikohe Mini Dust Collector
August 10th, 2023

Clean Sweep Testing the Ikohe mini dust collector and vacuum station By Melissa Muir Keeping your bench and work area and the air you breath clean while polishing should be a priority in your studio or bench area. An ideal system will not only be strong, but it will also be quiet, small, and even […]